Which Mag Rates Internet Ink Compatible Ink 5 Stars

2013-01-29 15:35:10

Published on 2013-01-29 15:35:10

In a recent test lab experiment on third party printer ink 'Which?' magazine rated Internet-ink's Epson compatibles at a 5 star rating. The Epson T0791 - T0796 compatible inks were given a 5 star rating on:


  • Text Print Quality
  • Graphics Print Quality
  • Photo Print Quality
  • Water Resistance
  • No Failures


Our Epson compatibles, like any of our compatible inks, offer great prices and high quality with a 10% discount given to return orders of ink cartridges. Which? magazine article stated that "Internet-ink.co.uk produces good-looking photos" and went on to discuss costs "the biggest saving was 75% when printing graphics with Internet-ink.co.uk...if you print a lot of text, internet-ink.co.uk works out the cheapest."


The lab tests were conducting on a Epson PX730WD printer.


Don't take our word for our high quality inks, Which? magazine recommends Internet-ink.co.uk for one of the best alternatives to OEM printer inks.

John James

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