Epson Celebrates 20 Years Of Piezo Ink Technology

2013-03-13 16:00:19

Published on 2013-03-13 16:00:19

Epson has celebrated the 20th anniversary of its piezoelectronic print head technology.

It is the only major firm in the world that uses the print heads in its full range of machines, ranging from its smallest personal photo printer to its largest industrial press system.

Speaking to Asia One, Koichi Endo, the managing director of Epson Southeast Asia, said: "Today, its (Piezo's) superior reliability, energy efficiency, and high ink compatibility is giving Epson unique advantages and growth opportunities in the fields of business document printing, industrial printing and our ability to create special products."

Mr Endo emphasised that the company waited 20 years for the technology to mature.

Earlier this month, Epson appeared at the 2013 Focus on Imaging Show, which took place between March 3rd and 6th at the Birmingham NEC.

At the event, Epson showcased its range of LFP, pro-photo and consumer photo products.

Posted by Barry Ashmore.

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