Epson Invests In Japan Production Lines For New Print Heads

2013-07-05 14:13:26

Published on 2013-07-05 14:13:26

Epson has invested in production lines in Japan for its next generation print heads. has reported that the components will be put into use for business and industrial printing systems in the latter part of the 2013 fiscal year. 

The investment has been made over three years from fiscal 2011, with the new lines set to be located in the company's Suwa-Minami Plant in Nagano Prefecture and the Sakata Plant in Yamaqata Prefecture.

Motonori Okumura, executive officer and general administrative manager, Imaging Products key component research & engineering division, said: "Epson's corporate vision calls for the expansion of the inkjet printer business, and the new production lines represent an essential element in these plans.

"Going forward, Epson will enhance competitiveness by expanding use of the new print head into its lineup and by further promoting the use of common platforms throughout the inkjet printer lineup."

Posted by Canzil Ahmed.

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