Epson to expand

2014-03-24 16:37:55

Published on 2014-03-24 16:37:55

Epson has enjoyed much success with its range of inkjet printers in the UK but it looks as though this trend is expanding.


Epson Printer To Expand

The company's general manager for Thailand Yungyong Muneemongkoltorn has said that the firm will be increasing its machines in the region to meet demand.


He said that Epson would still be focused on producing top quality printers at a low unit cost, as well as reducing consumer costs through driving down printing expenses, reports the Nation. Mr Yungyong said that the company would be enhacing its range of printers to meet new users such as home, students, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and corporate. The manufacturer will also build large scale printers for SMEs.


He added that Epson Thailand now includes other regions such as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia Myanmar and Pakistan but it still wants more international growth. The company achieved 80 per cent growth in value in the L series last year, despite tough political climates meaning that all business suffered. However, Epson also enjoyed much success with its large printer business growing 30 per cent last year.


Posted by Canzil Ahmed

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