Epson’s New Printers Have Refillable Ink Tanks

2014-10-02 08:39:11

Published on 2014-10-02 08:39:11

It is reported that British households consume 50 million ink cartridges every year. But this high number could be set to lower with Epson’s unveiling of the EcoTank: its revolutionary new ink tanks that ink cartridgescould change home printing.


Manufacturers like Epson, HP and Canon have sold inkjet printers at a low price with the hope of making a profit with their expensive original ink cartridges.  Epson have decided to change this business model by making the EcoTank printers with refillable tanks. Based on an average household printing of 200 pages per month, these refillable ink tanks will last roughly 2 years.


Epson have said that users could save 60 – 65% by using a printer with a refillable tank when compared to buying ink cartridges. What’s more, the EcoTank can be refilled with non-Epson branded ink when it runs out, so you are not tied to only using original manufacturer’s inks. Epson have stated that households which are relatively heavy users of ink cartridges could make significant savings by purchasing a printer with a tank.


Sales of original ink cartridges have been declining, with many consumers switching to buying cheaper compatible cartridges, as well as images being shared on social media instead of being physically printed out using expensive ink. Things like print at home tickets for air travel are also being replaced by smartphone or tablet apps. Declining sales forced Lexmark to quit producing new printers in 2012, swiftly followed by Kodak.


Epson, Canon and HP make up 90% of inkjet printer sales worldwide, with roughly 2.6 million units sold in Britain last year. Despite these high figures, households have taken a step back from rising ink prices, with many switching to cheaper compatible cartridges. ‘Remanufacturers’ refill cartridges and sell them at a discounted price, and it is these that have grabbed a third of UK sales away from Epson, Canon and HP.


Epson have said that the new EcoTanks will not replace traditional ink cartridge models, they will still continue manufacturing them. Simon Hanley, Epson Product Manager said: “Complementing our lineup of existing products, these models are ideal for home and small office customers who want to print everyday documents, such as recipes, homework, emails and maps, and for whom price and convenience are key factors. With two years’ worth of ink included, users know where they stand.”


Posted by Wayne Hogan


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