Colour printer dos and donts considered

2010-03-02 10:37:11

Published on 2010-03-02 10:37:11

Is a colour printer the right choice for you? A printing blog has delved into the matter.

Many consumers dive straight into the purchase of a colour printer when buying the all important goods for a home office, including ink cartridges. But is the ability to print using colour ink essential for most users?

The If It Prints I'll Let You Know blog has delved into the matter and the results are worth debating too, to help keep costs related to printing, such as toner cartridges, down to a minimum.

Users who are likely to be printing pictures, artworks or posters should without question take the plunge and purchase a colour printer but if it's just black and white documents or emails then a colour printer is unnecessary.

If the decision to purchase a colour printer is taken then there are a few factors worth considering to decide which kind to go for, according to the blog's author.

"Inkjet printers spray ionized ink to the paper one small strip at a time. Companies sell these types of printers at a relatively low cost but the ink cartridges are pricier. These printers may not be ideal for business use because of operating costs," the author writes.

By Canzil Ahmed

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