HP Original Toner Cartridges

2010-03-07 09:21:20

Published on 2010-03-07 09:21:20

HP Original Toner Cartridges In Rainbow Packs

Here at Internet-ink.co.uk we are about to introduce HP original toner cartridges rainbow packs. These are simply a set of all 4 coloured toner cartridges sold at a massive discount becuase you are buying 4 HP toner cartridges in one go.

We save money on the shipping as sending you 4 HP toner cartridges by courier costs us the same as sending just 1 cartridge, so we pass on this discount to you.

Also, the more we spend with HP, the heavier the discount we receive. So we can pass this discount on to you.

We will be rolling this system out for all the other major manufacurers of original toner cartridges over the next few months. So watch this space.

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