HP CB435A Toner Cartridges

2010-11-05 16:19:02

Published on 2010-11-05 16:19:02

HP CB435A Toner Cartridges have been updated on Internet-ink! We have added our new fully compatible HP CB435A toner cartridge to the fantastically popular HP 35A toner cartridge line.

The HP Compatible LaserJet CB435A (or HP 35A) is fantastic value for money as it gives you a much cheaper alternative for your HP LaserJet printer than the HP CB435A 35A Original Toner Cartridge. Not only is the compatible CB435A better on your wallet, but it is also much kinder to the environment as it reuses used toner cartridges, helping keep useful plastic out of landfills.

The HP CB435A toner cartridges are compatible with the HP LaserJet P1005, HP LaserJet P1006, HP LaserJet P1007, HP LaserJet P1008, and the HP LaserJet P1009.

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