HP Technology Makes Your Ink Cartridges Go The Extra Mile

2011-03-01 08:55:38

Published on 2011-03-01 08:55:38

New Hewlett-Packard (HP) printing technology can significantly reduce consumers' energy output, it has been claimed.

According to ITVAR News Network, HP has launched a range of laser jet machines that have a sophisticated on/off feature.

Many modern printers go into a sleep mode when left idle for a certain length of time, but this new function from HP means the printer is only on when it is in use. It is completely switched off otherwise.

A printer with such a tool can "intelligently sense" activities that will spark it into life – like when a user connects a USB drive or a fax is sent in.

And this does not affect the machine's performance, the website says, offering a first-page printing speed of 8.5 seconds, even when coming out of off mode.

Recently, HP unveiled a new app for the ePrint enterprise and HP ePrint Mobile Print Location products at a trade show.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed.

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