Martin Homlish To Join Ink Firm HP As Its Chief Marketing Officer

2011-04-21 09:03:22

Published on 2011-04-21 09:03:22

Printer ink firm Hewlett-Packard (HP) has announced that Martin Homlish will be joining the company as its chief marketing officer.

Mr Homlish will be responsible for marketing across the whole of the organisation and will appointed to its executive council.

Furthermore, he will become part of the HP team after spending ten years at SAP AG, and prior to that 15 years at Sony Corporation in a variety of roles, including head of marketing services and president of its media solutions company.

Leo Apotheker, president and chief executive at HP, said: "He will help us position our products, services and value proposition to customers as they navigate the new connected world."

He added that Mr Homlish is a world-class marketing executive, and will help drive HP and its message forward in the future.

Recently, the ink firm announced that Thomas Hogan would be leaving the company as an executive vice president, but will continue to work until the end of May when Jan Zadak replaces him in the Enterprise Business Sales and Marketing department.

Posted by Barry Ashmore

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