HP To Tackle Printer Ink Counterfeiters

2009-06-02 12:05:50

Published on 2009-06-02 12:05:50

It has been claimed printer manufacturer HP is doing all it can to stop ink piracy.

According to analysts, the company's imaging and printing group saw more than $1 billion (£610 million) wiped off its revenues last year as a result of counterfeiters, Business Week reports.

Company chief executive Mark V Hurd has said HP is concerned about the damage that inadequate products can cause to both its reputation and customer's printers.

"Counterfeit cartridges hurt HP's business … more importantly, they hurt our customers, who are not getting what they think they are paying for," he said.

However, HP is not alone and the entire industry lost an estimated $3 billion in total sales thanks to dodgy ink cartridges, the publication stated, citing data from market researcher IDC.

Meanwhile, an undercover investigation by the BBC recently revealed printer ink - along with other chemicals such as road paint - had also been found in counterfeit drugs.

A spokesperson at Internet-Ink commented, "Don't be caught out by cheap, inferior compatible cartridges from the far east. We only use the highest quality ink in our compatible cartridges, that are manufactured here in the UK".

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