Customise Your Christmas With Edible Ink

2009-12-01 10:35:06

Published on 2009-12-01 10:35:06

Consumers can now put pictures and text onto cakes and cookies with edible ink.

No specialist equipment is required to create the customised deserts as the ink can be used in many HP, Canon and Epson printers.

However, consumers are reminded to not mix edible ink, which is made of food colouring, with regular ink, which can be toxic if ingested.

The product was recently highlighted by printing blog Printcountry as a great way to get artistic and customise your Christmas.

Images can be printed from a computer onto edible 'frosting' paper, made from sugar, rice or corn starch and then placed onto the top of a cake to personalise the dessert for a special occasion.

These can include baby pictures, scenes and landscapes or anything that fits the occasion.

Special pens containing the ink are also available which allow users to create edible designs free-hand.

Posted by Ramsey Dehan

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