New HP Printer Ideal For Students

2009-12-29 09:09:27

Published on 2009-12-29 09:09:27

HP's new Photosmart Plus colour inkjet multifunction printer has a price tag ideal for students and lesser home usage, according to an IT expert.

The low price of $150 (£93.72), coupled with a high-quality and fast output not usually seen on similarly priced models, makes it ideal for those who want high-performance at low cost, Susan Silvius of reported.

It also includes a handy installation wizard for those who are not so technologically adept, with animated instructions for setup and basic operation.

The Photosmart Plus also boasts an energy-efficient 2.3-inch colour LCD control panel with touch-sensitive LED buttons which only light up when needed.

This display also includes how-to animations for operating the machine, as well as for handling common problems such as clearing paper jams and replacing ink cartridges.

Ms Silvius added: "The ink costs are better than you'd expect for a low-cost [multi-function printer]. A 250-page [limit] black cartridge and 300-page [limit] cyan, magenta, and yellow cartridges ship in the box. The standard-size ink cartridges have nicely midrange pricing, but the high-yield versions are the best deal.

"Replacing cartridges is nearly idiot-proof, as an illustrated label guides you through the process, or you can view an animation on the touchscreen."

She added that other models in this price range simply cannot boast this level of functionality.

By Angelina Jolessi.

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