Are Ink Refill Kits Worth It

2010-04-30 16:20:32

Published on 2010-04-30 16:20:32

Supermarkets, along with several other retailers are now stocking ink cartridge refill kits. These kits have a reputation of being fiddly to use, and often leave the user sporting more ink than the empty cartridge. However, according to a recent article by Cork student journalist Daniel O'Carroll, Tesco have solved this problem. He states that the Tesco injection method is almost totally unproblematic. However, Mr O'Carroll may not be telling the full story.

According to a report by independent testers Wilhelm Imaging Research, Tesco refill printouts fade 730 times faster than specialist ink brands. For example, though you can expect official HP cartridge printouts to last 73 years, Tesco refill printouts last 2 months. Moreover, Tesco refill kits lack ISO certification: the hallmark of quality ink. Hence the Tesco kits are unregulated and lack industry recognition.

In short, they may be simple to use compared to other refill kits, but is simplicity enough when the product is shoddy? Probably not, when quality remanufactured compatible cartridges are available right here at Internet-ink at comparable prices.

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