Using Draft Setting Can Save Printer Ink

2010-05-18 09:45:59

Published on 2010-05-18 09:45:59

Homeowners and small business have been given advice on how to make their printer ink last longer and help save money.

Small adjustments, such as changing font sizes can help people stretch their printing resources, according to Kansas City, which also suggested opting for thinner styles.

Choosing a draft setting can also go a long way in helping a printer ink cartridge last longer, although it may be wise to revert to a standard setting for important documents as the overall print will be lighter.

People should also get into the habit of printing on near-empty cartridges until they have drained all the ink and should not hesitate to change the print colour to one that is still available if using colour printers.

And with environmental concerns increasing, recycling cartridges is not a bad idea. People can choose to sell empty ink cartridge or have them exchanged at office supply stores that offer credit, recommended the newspaper.

HP recently unveiled printers that are able to save energy as well as printer ink.

Posted by Johnny McMaster

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