Crisp Printer Ink Copy With HP Laser Device

2010-06-24 16:58:16

Published on 2010-06-24 16:58:16

Individuals can expect nice and crisp copy when using black printer ink from the HP LaserJet P1566 device, a reviewer has noted.

Will Stapley has written for V3 that the machine has no problems in terms of printing when completing the basics, but may struggle a bit when more demanding copy is sought after.

He said: "The only noticeable issue is the slight jagged edges when printing extra large text.

"It has no problem with simple images, such as graphs in Excel spreadsheets but, as with all budget lasers, it struggled to reproduce detail in photos."

Meanwhile, the price to print each page is declared as 3p, with each replacement ink cartridge able to last for 2,100 pages.

However, none of these results can be improved as there is no option of opting for high-yield cartridges with the HP printer.

Earlier this year, HP warned users against choosing non-official printer ink because the cartridges fall to provide ink for as many pages as original forms.

By Barry Ashmore

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