HP Envy 100 Review

2010-11-22 09:48:22

Published on 2010-11-22 09:48:22

The HP Envy 100 printer has been praised for its innovative aspects.

Released as part of HP's ePrint-enabled portfolio, the device features a wireless connection that allows users to supposedly print on the go and remotely from a smart device (like an iPad). It is possible to send print jobs to printers using unique email addresses, cnet.com reports.

In its review of the Envy 100, the new technology is heralded as the best thing about it. Wireless printing via email is praised, while the ePrintCentre means users can download apps to improve functionality. Also, its covered cartridge bay means the printing process is quiet.

However, the website also says the device suffers from a slow print speed, can be hard to set up, and produces lower quality photos due to the dual printer ink cartridge bay. "We wouldn't buy this printer for its image quality, but the convenience of ePrint and the potential of the ePrintCentre app store earn the HP Envy 100 our recommendation," the website said.

On the release of the ePrint-enabled printers, HP manager for Malaysia, Bernard Chiang, said of the products: "If you can e-mail it, you can now print it.

Posted by Barry Ashmore

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