HPs ePrint Put To The Test

2011-01-25 08:44:16

Published on 2011-01-25 08:44:16

Printing can be a bit of a cumbersome process. After you've filled the printer with paper and ink cartridges, you need to connect the machine to a computer in order to print your documents. This means you're stuck in one place if you want to print.

But Hewlett-Packard's ePrint claims to have changed all that, offering its users the ability to print from, well, just about anywhere with its ePrint-enabled printers.

That means, theoretically, you can use your iPhone to print a document out in another part of the country and it's especially useful if you're on the go, or away from the office.

But does it really work?

According to PCWorld.com, yes - well, sort of.

Its staff spent a full 24 hours using ePrint, and described the results as ranging from "perfect to puzzling".

Setting up two ePrint-enabled machines (an Envy and a Photosmart), PCWorld staff, with iPhones, Androids and BlackBerrys in hand, sent simple email messages to the printers at set intervals over the 24-hour period.

And on the whole, ePrint works, PCWorld says. "To HP's credit, most successful jobs took just one or two minutes to print; the longest took 30 minutes. But not all were successful."

The Photosmart, for example, recorded an 80 per cent success rate – only 37 out of 46 print jobs were successful.

"In our tests, ePrint worked most of the time, but bigger and smaller kinks could thwart your ePrint efforts," PCWorld said.

Unfortunately PCWorld's mainly positive results weren't felt by Earnest Hart, who reviewed wireless printing for clarionledger.com recently.

"Printing from my iPhone was just an outright chore. In the end, I decided that there was nothing worth printing on my iPhone anyway and just gave up," he said.

Posted by Jamie Foster.

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