Ink Producer HP Launch Printing App For iPhone

2011-04-13 08:31:17

Published on 2011-04-13 08:31:17

Ink and printer maker Hewlett Packard (HP) has announced an ePrint service app for the iPhone.

The new product is available for customers to buy from the App Store, which will allow customers to print from any HP devices within their network directly from their mobiles.

Bruce Dahlgren, senior vice president, managed enterprise solutions in the imaging and printing group at HP, said: "We are committed to anticipating our customer needs and delivering innovative solutions like HP ePrint Enterprise for our enterprise customers that need simple, secure mobile access to printing."

He added that by 2014 over a thousand firms will operate using mobile printing services, proving that mobility is a way of life in business.

Furthermore, iPhone users will be able to print and send information from the app to FedEx and Hilton Worldwide devices.

On top of this, the ink cartridge manufacturer HP announced that its technology would support printing directly from Google Cloud services through smartphones and laptops.Posted by

Canzil Ahmed

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