Researchers Manage To Print Cells From Ordinary HP Printer

2012-03-20 08:58:08

Published on 2012-03-20 08:58:08

Researchers from Clemson University in the US have managed to print actual human cells from an ordinary ink cartridge in what has been hailed as a huge scientific achievement.

The process begins with an ordinary off-the-shelf HP DeskJet 500, before researchers then empty a normal ink cartridge of its contents. It is then filled with a mixture of both suspended cells and fluorescent matter.

This solution is known as "bio-ink" and, using an ordinary word processor, the printer then outputs the cells onto slides.

Paper-author Dr Delphine Dean said: "We first had the idea for this method when we wanted to be able to visualize changes in the cytoskeleton arrangement due to applied forces on cells."

The researchers have put together a how-to guide as well as a video for the Journal of Visualized Experiments to further explain the technology.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed.

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