HP Could Be Set To Incorporate Autonomy Technology Into Printers

2012-04-24 08:32:14

Published on 2012-04-24 08:32:14

HP may incorporate Autonomy's augmented-reality technology Aurasuma in its future printers.

The company is also exploring enterprise-targeted printer features that use the systems in order to push draft documents to staff who must evaluate their content before they are committed to paper, reports ZDNet.

Speaking to the news provider, a HP representative said: "HP sees many opportunities for Autonomy technology to be integrated across its product line."

The spokesperson continued by saying that the company has already launched joint products and is planning to introduce more, with the services set to be announced when they have been fully prepared and ready for customer use.

HP is not the only company in the sector that is looking to add innovative features to its products, as McAfee has confirmed that it is planning to include security software in Xerox printers.

The move follows a survey, which found that many employees are unaware of company policy when it comes to keeping technology secure.

Posted by Jonny McMaster.

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