HP Designs New Data Centre

2012-06-07 09:29:14

Published on 2012-06-07 09:29:14

Ink cartridges manufacturer HP is planning to develop a data centre that operates on solar power.

It is planning to develop a "net zero" data centre that needs no energy from utility power grids, with the proposal set to be tested at a 3,000 sq ft facility based at the firm's campus in California.

As part of the move, a photovoltaic power array will be combined with a cooling system that can make use of either fresh air or mechanical cooling, helping to reduce power demand.

Cullen Bash, interim director, Sustainable Ecosystems Research Group, HP Labs, said: "The HP Net-Zero Energy Data Center not only aims to minimize the environmental impact of computing, but also has a goal of reducing energy costs associated with data-centre operation."

In recent weeks, more companies have opted to use HP Managed Print Services in order to manage their printing infrastructures.

Among those that have most recently elected to use the manufacturer's services are Office Depot, Pace University and Global Experience Specialists.

Posted by Johnny McMaster

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