HP Officejet 6100 Printer Offers Fast Inkjet Printing

2012-06-29 09:09:32

Published on 2012-06-29 09:09:32

The HP Officejet 6100 model has been commended for its fast inkjet printing in a recent review.

TrustedReviews.com gave the device a seven out of ten rating, mentioning both advantages and disadvantages of the system.

It described the printer as a "strange offering", adding that it does not make use of an LCD display.

However, Simon Williams from the website praised the printer's ink.

"The curved front panel of the machine folds down to give access to the print head, which automatically swings into view to take the four ink cartridges. These plug in easily and have surprisingly high capacity," Mr Williams continued.

HP's model will face stiff competition in the market as it attempts to attract new customers.

Manufacturers such as Epson, Xerox, Lexmark, Brother and Dell have all released similar devices, meaning that consumers have plenty of different options to choose from when the time comes to buy a new printer.

Posted by Johnny McMaster

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