HP Announces Autoflow Solution

2013-02-18 15:24:05

Published on 2013-02-18 15:24:05

HP has announced its AutoFlow solution, which enables clients to automate core business processes.

The technology can integrate with any enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and aims to provide a scalable, unified solution that is capable of automating and streamlining finance and accounting processes.

Danila Meirlaen, vice president, business process outsourcing at HP Enterprise Services, said: "HP AutoFlow builds on our strong history in finance, administration and technology to increase process automation and optimize cost structures, so clients can focus on revenue-generating activities."

The system can also be utilised in business processes such as human resources, procurement, supply chain, master data management and financial services.

As well as offering printers and business technology, HP has also introduced its new Sleekbook to the market.

The machine is an alternative to Intel's Ultrabook, but boasts a cheaper AMD chip and a lower price.

The key difference between the two models is their internal components, as the two are built to a similar size and weight.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed

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