Malicious Emails Reported From HP Printers

2013-04-17 10:09:14

Published on 2013-04-17 10:09:14

Users of HP printers and scanners have noticed malicious emails in recent weeks.

The email's headers have been altered so it appears like the message was sent by a printer inside the HP enterprise, reports

Speaking to the website, Zeljka Zorz, HNS managing editor, said "This type of malicious spam is constantly being recycled by cyber crooks, and I can easily see why: if you are at work, and busy doing your job, there is a high possibility that you will open the email and click on the link / download the attachment without thinking twice about it."

The expert explained that the hackers could have chosen any brand but selected HP in particular.

To protect businesses from security dangers, all antivirus and firewall software should be updated.

If these are left out of date, businesses could find their systems left vulnerable to hackers, who could exploit sensitive data for illegal means.

Posted by Johnny McMaster.

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