HP ePrint Facilities Described As Basic

2013-08-07 16:44:48

Published on 2013-08-07 16:44:48

The facilities offered by HP’s ePrint technology have been described as basic.

Writing for Tech Radar, expert Simon Williams said that there is minimal control over the size of any printed image, while no control is possible over the number of copies that are printed, as only one is available per email.

Mr Williams explained that security is established through a random generation of email addresses.

“If you're using ePrint to print to a local printer – for example, in the same room – it can take longer than would a direct connection. The email has to go up to the cloud, be rendered at HP's ePrint Center then returned to the printer for processing,” he told the news provider.

Businesses should fully explore the market to find a cloud printing system that completely fits their needs, as there are many options available.

Among these are AirPrint, Wi-Fi Direct and Near Field Communication (NFC).

Posted by Barry Ashmore.

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