HP brings world record Officejet Pro printers to South Africa

2014-01-29 16:47:30

Published on 2014-01-29 16:47:30

HP hold the current record for the fastest printer in the world - both its HP Officejet Pro X576dw and the X551dw hold the title.

The two machines are capable of printing 500 pages in just over seven minutes with an average of 68 pages being printed per minute. Now HP has launched its X-series of printers, which includes the two record breakers, as well as the X451dw and X476dw, in South Africa. Although the products have been on sale since December 2013, the official launch gave the company a chance to explain the technology behind its record-breaking printers.


HP's X-series of printers uses technology called HP PageWide, which means that  the printheads remain still, rather than moving back and forth as has been traditional for all machines. The company's printer feature more than 42,000 individual nozzles to cover the entire width of the paper, allowing them to get ink on the paper without having to move.


Posted by Johnny McMaster.

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