Pocket Printer Kickstarter Uses HP Ink

2014-05-20 08:24:34

Published on 2014-05-20 08:24:34

HP Ink Used In Pocket Printer

Zuta Labs have successfully funded a Kickstarter worth over £260,000 to produce a printer that can fit inside a pocket.


This 'pocket printer' uses an HP ink cartridge attached to a small robot, rather than the tradition paper-feed method. This robot crawls across the paper to print the document. Needless to say the prototype is slow, printing in greyscale at about 1 page per minute.


Now the Kickstarter has ended, Zuta Labs hope to make improvements that will increase the printers speed. Including using smaller and stronger engines to make the ink cartridge crawl faster. Although currently the pocket printer is using HP ink cartridges, Zuta Labs are in talks with several manufacturers for use in the final model.


Posted by James T Graves.

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