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2014-06-25 11:26:47

Published on 2014-06-25 11:26:47

With being one of the biggest ink manufacturers around HP ink cartridges offer most of the majority of ink and printers in today’s modern market.


What HP ink to buy? With so much variation and price it’s difficult to sift through all the information and find the best HP ink cartridge for your needs. There are so many different factors ranging from price, delivery, ink fill level and page output. All information is displayed on the products and any further information can be easily obtained.


Popular HP ink cartridges


Here we will list some of the popular HP ink cartridges on the market today:


HP 364 ink

HP 301 ink

HP 300 ink

HP 363 ink

HP 950 ink

HP 932 ink


HP photosmart takes the HP 364 inks

At internet-ink.co.uk you will find a variety of cartridges to make sure you get the best deal for your needs. Most HP ink comes in both original and compatible ink cartridge units, original being the genuine HP manufactured cartridge, designed to work flawlessly in your printer, but also may come at a cost. The compatible or remanufactured HP ink is a recycled or remanufactured cartridge that will offer some big savings when buying your cartridges with some up to 80% savings on the price.


Save on HP ink by Buying in Packs and Multipacks


Look at offers and bundle packs, as you will save more buying in bulk. All HP ink is guaranteed for a year from purchase, so look at how much ink you use in the year and budget for that, it saves you money, whilst also making sure you have the right amount to keep you going.


HP offer a multitude of printers with some of the popular PhotoSmart range taking up the bulk of the range, with prices varying from as little as £30-£150 for some of the regular inkjet printers. If you’re not sure what type of ink you need, make sure you contact the customer support team as a guide to what you need to purchase, it’s not as daunting as it may seem.


Get 10% off all your future orders by purchasing your HP ink cartridges at internet-ink.co.uk today. See all the HP range now.

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