New Canon Cli 8 Chipped Ink Cartridges In Stock

2008-09-05 13:14:40

Published on 2008-09-05 13:14:40

Canon Cli 8 & Pgi 5 Compatible Chipped Ink Cartridges

All compatible Canon Cli 8 ink cartridge available in the UK until very recently have been versions that have required the removal of the electronic chip from an original canon ink cartridges and then fix it to a new compatible cartridge. The results from this transplant operation were good and at fraction of the cost they proved very popular.

However, a percentage of customer did struggle to locate the chip onto the new compatible cartridge i just the right position, so we have invested resources into a better solution to the Canon Cli 8 ink cartridge issue.

A fully chipped Canon Cli 8 & Pgi 5 compatible ink cartridge has now been developed that you simply install into your printer as you would a new original Canon cli 8 ink cartridge. No fuss, no mess and about half the price. Click below for full details.

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