Tips On Saving Money In Printer Ink Costs

2010-02-05 17:46:02

Published on 2010-02-05 17:46:02

A leading printer blog has offered tips on saving money when printing

A leading blog has offered ways in which consumers can get the most out of their printer ink cartridges through not only what they buy but how efficiently they run their printer units.

Buying compatible ink cartridges or ones that can be refilled has proved a popular technique for saving money on printer costs during the recession, with recent reports showing that the market for refillable ink cartridges grew rapidly during the economic downturn.

However, there are always ways in which consumers can "operate [their] printer to use less ink per page", according to the Printerinkcartridge blog.

The website added: "You can save printer ink and paper by only printing the section of a document you need. This is especially true for web pages, which can sometimes take up many pages when printed indiscriminately.

"Another way to save is to reduce the size of your print job if you only want to proof a document. And this is only a start to the ways I found to save money on printing."

Weights and Measures officials in the US met recently to discuss whether or not to force ink cartridge manufacturers to include details of a cartridge's volume on the packaging.

By Hani Megerisi

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