Wal-Mart Ink Cartridge Thief Strikes Again

2010-03-29 09:04:39

Published on 2010-03-29 09:04:39

Consumers in League City, Texas have been dealt another blow after a man and a woman stole thousands of dollars worth of ink cartridges from the local Wal-Mart just weeks after a similar robbery.

Initially it had been reported that local police were looking for an individual who stole 122 ink cartridges worth around $20,000 from the mega-mart.

It occurred on Wednesday March 3rd but the loss was not discovered until the day after on Thursday March 4th when the store's security officers were looking through CCTV footage, Ultimate Clear Lake reports.

John Jordan, League City's police sergeant, told the news provider: "This is starting to be a trend that we're seeing.

"We've had this happen with shaving razors. Where these type of items are going, we have no idea."

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By Mervyn Warren

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