iPad owners could invest in printer ink

2010-04-09 16:10:51

Published on 2010-04-09 16:10:51

 iPad Owners Could Invest In Printer Ink

Consumer or businesses planning on investing in the Apple iPad may be interested to heed the advice of a personal technology expert who has claimed that users are able to print from the tablet device.

Writing for the Wall Street Journal website, Walter S. Mossberg, fielded a number of reader's questions on the technology but the one on everyone's lips was whether or not the device features a print facility.

He confirmed this and wrote: "Apple didn't build in a printing function, so you can't just tap a menu button to print an email, photo or web page. But a few third-party apps allow printing of some items from an iPad to a networked printer.

"One is Print Online. It costs $5 (£3.20) and I tested it successfully. But these apps are complicated and limited workarounds - inadequate substitutes for built-in printing."

Although the device is meant to provide a portable, and environmentally-friendly solution that means users have no need to print, things such as restaurant vouchers and boarding passes often still require printing.

By Jamie Foster

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