Google Chrome Cloud Printing Enables Universal Printing

2010-04-16 16:28:02

Published on 2010-04-16 16:28:02

One of the major drawbacks of Google's highly anticipated operated system Google Chrome was the lack of printer support, until recently.

Yesterday Google announced a significant step to repair thi
s weakness in their operating system, with the introduction of Google Chrome Cloud Printing. This system does far more than simply provide printer driver compatibility with Chrome, as you'd probably expect from Google.

Instead, Chrome Cloud Printing bypasses the driver compatibility altogether by running the printing application straight through Chrome. Users simply submit their print jobs to the Google Cloud – enabling them to print not only through computers connected to their network, but any PC or mobile device connected to the Cloud. Printing jobs to your printer therefore become possible through any hardware running Chrome anywhere on the planet.

Of course to take full advantage of this freedom, you'll need to buy a wireless printer - and we at Internet-ink stock a wide range of replacement ink cartridges for when you need them.

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