Use Printer Ink To Save Money On Colouring Books

2010-04-20 16:34:54

Published on 2010-04-20 16:34:54

Parents have been told that they could save money in the long term by ensuring they have enough printer ink to enable children to decide from a range of fun activities. An article on the Printer & Ink Cartridges Blog highlights that adults could spend vast sums of money on items that may prevent their children from becoming bored.

However, this expenditure could be substantially cut of parents instead took advantage of printing colouring books and stickers from a host of websites offering the items free of charge. This means that the only cost would be for an ink cartridge, paper and internet connectivity, which many homes have access to anyway.

The blog states: "Why waste your money on acquiring such activities in your local department store when you can even allow your child to pick which pictures they desire to colour, and then you only have to print up those pictures which they have requested."

Alternatively, parents may want to print out other documents that will allow their children to enjoy alphabet, memory or drawing games.

By Canzil Ahmed

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