Charity Urges People To Recycle Used Ink Cartridges

2010-05-20 15:35:32

Published on 2010-05-20 15:35:32

Individuals and businesses building up a collection of empty ink cartridges have been told that rather than putting them in the bin to go to landfill sites, they could be used to support a charity.

The Basingstoke Gazette reports on some comments from Teresa Nightingale, a general manager of the World Cancer Research Fund, who highlighted how the organisation is looking to boost its funds by recycling empty ink cartridges. It is noted that the charity will earn £1 for every recyclable printer ink or toner cartridge they send off, which will go towards its cancer prevention work.

Meanwhile, the charity is also accepting any other unwanted items, including old mobile phones, laptops and digital cameras. Freepost recycling envelopes are provided by the charity as part of the Recycle for Research scheme, which can be sent to a home or workplace.

 By Canzil Ahmed

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