Check Work To Save Printer Ink

2010-06-10 16:40:28

Published on 2010-06-10 16:40:28

Taking advantage of the print preview option on a computer could help an individual or business make their ink cartridges last longer, it has been suggested. has suggested that the simple way of making printer ink last longer is to reduce the number of hard copies printed out.

It is noted that this aim could be reached by paying closer attention to the work at hand to make sure that no mistakes are present, preventing the need for a second copy of virtually the same document to be printed.

"Have a good look at the print version before actually printing it out to spot any mistakes, typing errors or poor layout, which will reduce the number of printed copies," the website highlighted.

"If everyone took the time to study their completed document before pressing the print button there would be a lot of ink saved."

Furthermore, savings could be made by deleting coloured graphics from web pages that need printing, which use up a lot more ink over time.

Dan Lint has previously written for that people should attempt to uncover how frequently they will require a printer before deciding on a model to purchase.

By Johnny McMaster

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