Check Age Yield Information And Efficiency With Cost When Buying New Printer Ink

2010-06-22 16:19:52

Published on 2010-06-22 16:19:52

Individuals have been told that although the cost of replacement ink cartridges should be taken into account when purchasing a new printer, other factors relating to the ink also need to be considered.

Melissa Riofrio and Yardena Arar have highlighted for PC Advisor some steps that printer users can take to help save money and how thought and planning mean cost cutting.

It is noted that in some instances replacement ink cartridges can cost as much as buying a completely new printer, but efficiency and page yield information should also be taken into account.

The pair explained through the news provider: "You can use yield information to calculate per-page costs, which can be useful in determining what your printing costs for different printers would look like over time.

"Laser printer toner cartridges may cost a lot more than ink jet cartridges, but their higher yields make per-page costs lower."

Other money-saving suggestions included looking to take advantage of ink multi-pack offers and purchasing a printer that suits a user's exact needs, such as avoiding all-in one machines when a person has no desire to scan or fax.

By Barry Ashmore

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