Advice Given On Getting Most From Printer Ink Cartridges

2010-06-28 16:48:12

Published on 2010-06-28 16:48:12

Soaking an ink cartridge in water for a few hours could help printer users ensure they are not throwing away cartridges which still have ink left in them, it has been suggested.

A number of individuals have submitted some advice to the PC World website to help others get the most of their printer ink.

One of these is Judy S, who has offered advice on how to ensure all the ink is gained from a cartridge, although she noted that this has only been attempted with one brand of ink cartridge.

"If print quality deteriorates and you're pretty sure there's still ink left in the cartridge, but the ink nozzles are clogged or dried up, remove the cartridge and immerse it in plain water for a few hours," the reader suggested.

"Blot it as dry as you can, very gently; allow it to air-dry overnight; and put it back in the printer. With some trepidation I tried this with my old Lexmark Z43 inkjet. It worked. No guarantees on other cartridge brands."

Sean Doherty recently wrote in a blog for Databazaar that turning a printer off through its power button rather than the mains could prevent a printhead becoming blocked with ink.

By Johnny McMaster

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