Firms Can Balance Ink Cartridges And The Environment

2011-11-03 10:01:30

Published on 2011-11-03 10:01:30

When businesses invest in printers and ink cartridges, the environment may not be their foremost concern.

But according to Dr Mark Bohan, vice-president of technology and research at the Printing Industries of America, buyers will soon be able to balance their printing needs with their carbon footprint.

This is because manufacturers are working on technology which looks to reduce chemistry and power consumption, he explained.

"Last year, we awarded an InterTech [technology award] for a plate processor that had been developed to minimise the impact of the chemistry that is used during printing," Dr Bohan said.

"There are lots of other technologies [such as] the H-UV from Komori this year - a technology that uses specific printer inks and curing technology and significantly reduces power consumption."

User can get a very similar effect to ultraviolet using printing that can be retrofitted, he said.

The PDF/VT could have have a big impact on the ink cartridges and digital print industry.

Posted by Jamie Foster.

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