New Printers And Ink Cartridges Continuing To Emerge

2011-11-03 10:04:23

Published on 2011-11-03 10:04:23

Businesses can expect to see dozens of new printers and ink cartridges reaching the market over the coming years, it has been suggested.

Nathan Emberton, from, said the future is bright for the printing industry, as manufacturers continue to innovate.

He explained that 3D printers are currently in development, those which are capable of building third dimensional objects using layering.

"While most consumers don't need a 3D printer, the concept of a printer capable of printing a physical object always amazes me," Mr Emberton stated.

"Earlier this year, a plane was actually made only using objects that were printed from a printer."

He expressed hope that more printers along the lines of the Dell Wasabi Ultramobile will be launched. This unit uses a zero ink technology by printing to ZINK paper.

"This technology works like the original Polaroid cameras by heating up ZINK paper to produce a high-quality picture," Mr Emberton explained.

"In addition to stand-alone printers using this technology, digital cameras such as the Polaroid PoGo also have this technology integrated into the camera."

Posted by Barry Ashmore.

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