Printers And Ink Should See Kodak Return To Growth

2011-11-07 11:05:30

Published on 2011-11-07 11:05:30

Kodak's move into the printer and ink cartridges industry could help the manufacturer return to former glories, it has been suggested.

Concerns have been raised over the financial health of the 131-year-old firm, which continued to lose money during the third quarter of the year.

Falling digital camera and film sales saw the firm lose $222 million (£138.7 million) between July and September 2011, causing cash reserves to fall to $862 million.

However, as Ben Dobbin, writing for the Associated Press, explained, there is positivity in the Kodak camp based upon the firm's growing ink and printing arm.

"Since 2005, Kodak has poured hundreds of millions into new lines of inkjet printers that are finally on the verge of turning a profit," he noted.

"Home photo printers, high-speed commercial inkjet presses, workflow software and packaging are viewed as Kodak's new core."

Mr Dobbin explained that revenues from these businesses rose by a combined 13 per cent in the quarter, fuelled by 44 per cent growth in home printers and ink.

"The four businesses remain a bright spot in the company's long and painful drive to recast itself into a reliably profitable player in the turbulent digital-imaging arena," he added.

Posted by Barry Ashmore.

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