Ink Cartridges Recycling Set To Rise In Oz

2011-11-08 08:38:41

Published on 2011-11-08 08:38:41

The number of printer ink cartridges recycled in Australia is set to rise next year following the implementation of a new green scheme.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the National Television and Computer Product Stewardship Scheme will signal the end of electronic and related products – such as toner cartridges – being sent to landfill.

In 2007 and 2008, around 17 million televisions and computers in Australia reached the end of their useful life, with no formal scheme in place for their recycling.

Under the scheme, free collection points will be set up across the country, making it easy for the public to take along their printer and ink cartridges for recycling.

Leading printer ink manufacturers are supporting the initiative, too.

One such scheme that has already been running for eight years is C4PA, which has already recycled more than 16 million printer ink cartridges.

Lexmark International's marketing manager for Australia and New Zealand, Stephen Bell, told the newspaper: ''The C4PA scheme has been fantastic for our industry.

''It's given us a consistent brand to engage the market with and we've built up a really broad collection network, which is a key component of its success.''

Posted by Barry Ashmore

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