Ink Cartridge Efficiency Helps Guide Printer Choices

2011-11-16 10:12:46

Published on 2011-11-16 10:12:46

Businesses may be able to save money by thinking about ink cartridge efficiency, it has been suggested.

According to CTV News, companies should recognise that some printers cost much more to use than others – and ink cartridges normally account for much of the cost. The news provider explained that speed of printing, quality and ink consumption "varies wildly" from printer to printer.

As such, businesses should establish before they invest what their main priority is. If they are cost focused, ink cartridges efficiency is sure to be one of the principle concerns.

"Aside from how much ink your machine uses, testers say it's also handy to get a printer that has a network connection," CTV News stated. This means office workers can print from across the room or even from another floor within the same building.

In a recent study conducted by PC Advisor, 49 per cent of home office workers said they favour inkjet printers over the various alternatives.

Posted by Jamie Foster.

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