Cost Of Ink Cartridges Key Consideration When Printer Shopping

2011-11-21 09:18:33

Published on 2011-11-21 09:18:33

Those struggling to choose a new printer should consider a number of important factors, including the cost per page – which is partly determined by the price of ink cartridges.
Marine Goy, writing for Digital Versus, has highlighted some of the key things prospective buyers should watch out for when shopping for this type of hardware.
She said that other key elements include the speed of printing, which should be checked for both black and white and colour print jobs, and the quality of the documents.
The hardware and design of the printer are also important and buyers should check the features that the device comes with, the connectivity options and whether there are extras such as memory card readers of built-in memory.
HP recently announced the launch of a range of new hardware options for Christmas, including its new ENVy110 e-All-in-One printer, which features HP ePrint technology, and the HP Officejet Pro e-All-in-One 8600 Series.

Posted by Johnny McMaster.

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