Cloud Software Could Make Printer Use Easier

2011-11-24 09:21:13

Published on 2011-11-24 09:21:13

A new piece of cloud software could make it easier for printer ink users to connect their hardware with a computer network, an expert has suggested.

MoneyWatch's Dave Johnson, writing for CBS, has claimed that printers have remained one of those technologies that have remained complicated and difficult for many people to use.

He highlighted problems dealing with cables, toner and remembering to refill ink cartridges as minor compared to the major barrier he identifies – networking.

Mr Johnson describes setting up printers as one of the last "black magics" of the IT industry but that the growth of software such as Google's Clod Print means that it has become far easier to hook up a number of different machines to the printer.

He said: "They can print using the Print button on the Cloud Print site -- just click it and upload the document or file they want to print."

CTV News recently suggested that other aspects that could inform buyers decisions on which printers to buy could be the efficiency of ink cartridges, as these are a major factor in running costs and ease of use.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed.

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