Savings Urged To Complement Ink Cartridges Budgets

2011-12-19 09:44:27

Published on 2011-12-19 09:44:27

The Baldwin-Whitehall School District's directory of technology has given a speech to the school's board in which he recommended measures designed to save $84,000 a year in ink cartridges and other printing costs.

Tim Winner suggested that substantial savings could be made if the board were to enter a new, five-year printing/copying agreement with ComDoc. Among the improvements cited in the proposed contract is equipment better sized to meet volume needs.

On top of this, the addition of another black and white printer/copier the school as well as the ability for all new devices to scan images in high resolution and in colour would both help add to the savings available.

According to Baldwin-Whitehall Patch, Mr Winner believes that such measures will see a reduction of $7,000 in the monthly printing costs. With Mr Winner planning to re-address the board before January, he could have a good chance of convincing the board that the changes would work.

The board will decided whether to accept the changes at a later date.

Posted by Jamie Foster.

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