Cnet Sneaks A Peak Behind Ink Cartridges Recycling Scheme

2011-12-20 09:23:45

Published on 2011-12-20 09:23:45

CNET Asia has been offered a sneak preview behind the scenes of a new recyclable ink cartridge scheme in Singapore known as Project Homecoming.

The news provider went behind the scenes of the new operation which involves the recycling of ink cartridges after collection at 13 national libraries from across the country.

It is hoped that not only will the scheme see scores of ink cartridges recycled and a significant amount of investment put back into the environment, it will also raise awareness among Singapore as to the benefits of recycling.

Within the visit, CNET reports that reporters saw the complete recycling process including procurement, the disassembly of used printer ink cartridges, the extradition of useful material and new products made from the recovered material.

The scheme is being driven largely by support from Brother, Canon, Dell and Epson however previously, CNET has raised doubts as to whether there are enough benefits to cartridge users.

Posted by Johnny McMaster 

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