Ink Cartridges Savings Added To With Digital Communication

2011-12-22 09:44:48

Published on 2011-12-22 09:44:48

Companies are increasingly managing to make additional savings on top of those available through recyclable ink cartridges by moving towards online marketing and digital communication.

That's the view of Raz Godelnik, co-founder of Eco-Libris, who believes that the advent of digital audience communication coupled with a desire to save money by printing fewer documents is leading to more energy-efficient workplaces.

This, according to Mr Godelnik, is saving companies money and adding to their energy efficiency which can only be good for them and the environment.

Mr Godelnik said: "There are a couple of companies that are also switching from other promotional materials to digital content - meaning that they don't have to print documents and they're saving a lot of printer paper this way."

Eco-Libris, founded in 2007, is a green company working to promote sustainability in the book industry in the digital age by promoting the adoption of green practices.

Posted by Barry Ashmore.

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