The Future Of Printers

2011-12-30 10:44:00

Published on 2011-12-30 10:44:00

Next year will see some big changes in the world of ink printers, according to industry experts.

Convenience will be key in 2012, a report from PC World states, with printers being able to adapt to any device people may be using, be it smartphone, tablet or PC.

"The year 2012 will bring more options for mobile printing via a wireless connection to a local device, and for cloud printing - using email as the backbone for printing documents to a local or remote printer with its own email address (and an internet connection)," the news provider stated.

Another key trend will be greater choice, with Canon, Epson and Kodak all planning new ranges for the new year, showing off a host of new features.

Finally, printing apps will be big in 2012, with HP already paving the way in 2012 with its ePrint feature and apps for printing off film tickets and maps.

Posted by Barry Ashmore.

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